Not just impacted, but federally impacted

Oh dear…

Labor’s political woes federally impacted efforts by West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan to defeat Premier Colin Barnett in Saturday’s poll, according to two senior federal ministers.

Impacted is an adjective, not a verb. Only three things can be impacted: teeth, broken bones and faeces.

While it is tempting to draw parallels between at least one of these things and federal politics, it is still not correct.

Chemistry in the news

See this article:

A POISONOUS plume of acid ”comparable to car batteries”

Huh? This does not make sense. Acid is not comparable to a battery. Although I think I know what he means …

”It is extremely acidic, comparable to car batteries,” said a senior research fellow, William Glamore, from the University of NSW.

… ah, that makes sense. As suspected, we are dealing with sulphuric acid, which is what is commonly used in car batteries.

Still, the pH is comparable to lemon juice, not conc sulphuric (but in a biological system, pH 2 is still a bad, bad thing)

Tests carried out by the university’s water research laboratory show alarming amounts of acid, with a pH level of two – compared with a normal level of seven – meaning the Manning River water is roughly as acidic as lemon juice.


That doesn’t look right

The SMH reports:

Qantas will have to pay the tax office $34 million in GST it collected from passengers who booked tickets but then didn’t turn up for their flights.

In a landmark ruling today, the court determined Qantas had still provided a service to those customers and therefore owed the Australian Tax Office (ATO) the outstanding GST.

Will have to pay”? The Court said:

7. Qantas contended that GST was not payable on the unused fares and that the GST which had been paid on them should be refunded by the Commissioner. …