Mighty fails

SMH front page, top left spot (aka pole position):

A cracking 150-plus partnership between David Warner and Alex Doolan has put the visitors in a dominate position on day 3 in South Africa.

Looks like the inability to distinguish between “predominant” and “predominate”┬áhas spread.

Then there’re these:

  • “the host faces the prospect” — I think there’s more than one host
  • “In December it made 7-450 against India, eight runs’ shy of the victory target, while it produced epic fourth-innings performances in each of its past two tours of Australia.” — both of its past tours of Australia and the test against India all took place simultaneously?
  • “Warner’s aggression should have cost him his wicket of 26″ — on?
  • too many more … sigh.

There’s also this gem from another SMH article:

What played like a mindfield for Victoria, seemed a walk in the park for the Blues

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